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Like other parish council's the measures required to manage the virus have impacted all areas of their community. As a council, we are established under law and have regulations on how we run, report on our activities and have responsibilities. Much of this goes back to, or is based on the formation of parish councils in 1894!

Our buildings at the Brimp (Youth Centre) and Cross Park Pavilion will remain closed to help contain the spread of the virus until we get advice that we can re-open.  The Play Equipment at the Recreation Ground is available for use, but care should be taken to ensure social distancing and high levels of hygiene (was hands thoroughly before and after use). After discussion with our street cleaners, they wished to continue to keep our streets clean and manage the growth of weeds, they also inspect the play equipment. Our contractors will be continuing to manage the grass cutting at Cross Park, Recreation Grounds, grass amenity areas and hedgerows covered by the parish council, Allhallows Village Hall and the cemeteries (with the rain we had and the sunshine, grass and weeds will grow fast). Volunteer activities carried out by Cllr Trevor Bowley and Jan will continue (please keep a safe distance from our workers and volunteers to avoid any spread of the virus).

In response to calls to avoid group meetings, parish face to face meetings will be cancelled. Meetings now take place on-line using ZOOM. The meeting password is on the Agenda or can be requested from 01634 566256 by 5pm on the day of the meeting.

The council is pleased to see the establishment of informal community support and welcome the assistance of wHOO CARES. The parish council have limited financial and people resources, but will help out where we can (see contact details). Much of the support will come from Medway Council, the Government and the National Health Service - help where you can. 


The Parish of Allhallows lies on the northern edge of the Hoo Peninsula in Kent, a focal point over-looking the River Thames estuary. Allhallows-on-Sea is a rural parish that is divided from the Isle of Grain by the Yantlet Creek.  The parish is a community of 1,676 residents as recorded on the 2011 Census (1,333 on Medway Council's electoral roll, May'08) and covers 930.42 Hectares.  It is a parish within the Peninsula Ward of Medway Council, a unitary local authority within the county of Kent.

Allhallows Life magazine, produced by the parish council until Summer 2014, was delivered to all homes in the village: see the magazine archive as held by the Wayback Machine. There was a re-launch in  February 2019.  

Slough Fort, a key part of the wider Thameside defences within our parish boundary, is undergoing renovation.

All Saints Parish Church, Allhallows All Saints Parish Church, Allhallows