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As a council, we are established under law and have regulations on how we run, report on our activities and have responsibilities. Much of this goes back to, or is based on the formation of parish councils in 1894! 

The Brimp has been in action for a number of Allhallows School End of Term discos and the School Leavers Prom and the Youth Club is thriving. Bookings at Cross Park are also increasing and a Community Cafe is now open most weekends.

Monthly meetings are held at the Cross Park Pavilion and residents are welcome to attend.

The Parish of Allhallows lies on the northern edge of the Hoo Peninsula in Kent, a focal point over-looking the River Thames estuary. Allhallows-on-Sea is a rural parish that is divided from the Isle of Grain by the Yantlet Creek.  The parish is a community of 1,676 residents as recorded on the 2011 Census (1,333 on Medway Council's electoral roll, May'08) and covers 930.42 Hectares.  It is a parish within the Peninsula Ward of Medway Council, a unitary local authority within the county of Kent.

Allhallows Life magazine, produced by the parish council until Summer 2014, was delivered to all homes in the village: see the magazine archive as held by the Wayback Machine. There was a re-launched by an external group in  February 2019.  

Slough Fort, a key part of the wider Thameside defences within our parish boundary, is undergoing renovation.

All Saints Parish Church, Allhallows All Saints Parish Church, Allhallows