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Allhallows (Kent) Parish Council

Cross Park - Open for All

Cross Park Entrance Cross Park Entrance

The Cross Park site is looking to the future. The parish council are investigating how to best maintain and improve the facilities for the villagers.

1) Access

There are discussions underway to create a 'permissive' footpath between Cross Park and the Recreation Ground - this would create shortcuts between the central and middle parts of the village to Cross Park, British Pilot and the seawall as well as opening up circular walks.

2) Pavilion

The pavilion is open for business and holds regular events during the day and ad-hoc events during the evening. Contact Pat Huntley-Chipper for bookings 01634 271789

3) Recreation

The local football team has been unable to use the pitch due to lack of changing rooms. They have placed a modular building behind the pavilion to act as a temporary changing rooms and will be connected to water and electricity soon following a grant from Medway Green Spaces (S106 contributions). Longer term it is planned to build an extension to the pavilion.

4) Country Park

The wildlife area of the park has recently undergone some tender loving care (TLC) and the pathways cleared. Thee has been new planting and management by a volunteer and a recent meeting with the Kent Wildlife Trust and Medway Greenspaces to consider future options for the site and put together a management plan to pull all the activities together and improve the site.

Keep in contact for more information about the site.