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Sport and Community Facilities

19/4/2018 Planning Application registered by Medway Council MC/18/0288


The owners of Allhallows Park (Kingsmead), Turners Group have submitted a planning application to expand the number of chalets on their site by 81 - this should be published by Medway Council soon (and will be dealt with on its planning merits separately). As part of their application they identified a shortfall in sporting (indoor and outdoor), open space and community facilities in their area and have proposed a legal agreement with the Parish Council to provide funds to various facilities on the Cross Park site (to be provided, owned and operated by the Parish Council - probably via a Charity Group - and shared with ALL residents and visitors to the area). :

  1. Permissive Path - between Cross Park and the Recreation Field (landscaped and surfaced)
  2. A Bowling Green (the planning application adds an option of tennis courts instead)
  3. A expansion of the Cross Park Pavilion to provide changing rooms, indoor sport and community/social facilities.

The final design and facilities would be provided by the parish council and subject to planning applications as necessary (all residents will be able to comment). This is totally separate from the Woodland Creation Project (although there may be opportunities to work together if both are agreed). The Parish Council want your feedback and an online survey will be available to make your comments) before there is any commitment for this work.

The Turners Group presented material at a Pre-Planning Consultation in the Cross Park Pavilion 30th November 2017 which has been approved by Medway Council  - comments on the new facilities should be made to the parish council.