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Ditch Clearing Binney Road

By Chris Fribbins Allhallows (Kent) Parish Council

Monday, 8 June 2020


Allhallows (Kent) Parish Council Contributor


Last week a small group of people cleared out the ditch opposite the church and alongside the active cemetery in Binney Road. There was a lot of 'new' rubbish, especially drink bottles and cans alongside some domestic waste. It is not something that we would expect our street cleaners to have to manage and, to be honest, it should not be thrown into the ditch in the first place (TAKE YOUR LITTER HOME, don't just throw it out the car window!) - the builder's rubble sack was also found in the ditch!

We are also finding problems with people putting their domestic waste in the litter bins that are managed by the Parish Council and Medway Council which is not what they are there for and do make things difficult for our street cleaners.

Extra work has been going into clearing the gutters, especially around the top of Avery Way (woods to Ratcliffe Highway)

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