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Parish Council Update

By Chris Fribbins Allhallows (Kent) Parish Council

Sunday, 22 March 2020


Allhallows (Kent) Parish Council Contributor



Like other parish council's the measures required to manage the virus have impacted all areas of their community. As a council, we are established under law and have regulations on how we run, report on our activities and have responsibilities. Much of this goes back to, or is based on the formation of parish councils in 1894!

With the closure of our local school the position is much clearer. Our buildings at the Brimp (Youth Centre) and Cross Park Pavilion will remain closed to help contain the spread of the virus until we get advice that we can re-open. After discussion with our street cleaners, they wished to continue to keep our streets clean and manage the growth of weeds, they also inspect the play equipment. Our contractor will be continuong to manage the grass cutting at Cross Park, Recreation Grounds, grass amenity areas and hedgerows covered by the parish council, allhallows village hall and the cemeteries (with the rain we had and the sunshine, grass and weeds will grow fast). Volunteer activities carried out by Cllr Trevor Bowley and Jan will continue (please keep a safe distance from our workers and volunteers to avoid any spread of the virus).

In response to calls to avoid public meetings, parish meetings will be cancelled. Decisions will be taken, as necessary, via Email or where delegated to the Clerk in consultation with the Chair/Vice Chair.

The council is pleased to see the establishment of informal community support and welcome the assistance of wHOO CARES. The parish council have limited financial and people resources, but will help out where we can (see contact details). Much of the support will come from Medway Council, the Government and the National Health Service - help where you can.

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