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Elections May 2019


Eight Parish Councillors are elected to represent the residents of Allhallows every four years and the next election will be in May 2019. All parish councillors have to stand for re-election, if they wish to. If there are eight or less nominations (by 6pm on March 27th) then no ballot is held on election day and they are all appointed, If there are more than eight nominations then a election is held (alongside the Medway Council elections on the 2nd May 2019 and electors choose UP TO 8 candidates with the top 8 appointed as Parish Councillors. (advice on the election process can obtained from Chris Fribbins (Clerk, Allhallows PC) or Jane Ringham's (Electoral Services) office at Medway Council, she also deals with the Medway Council elections - Allhallows is in the Peninsula Ward).

In 2015 eight councillors were elected in a ballot on the 5th May. Since then three of the original councillors resigned and one died. When vacancies occur the residents can call for an election, but if not the parish council can co-opt somebody to fill the vacancy. The places were filled by co-option but then two of those resigned leaving two vacancies - which could be filled by co-option before the next election, but would still need to seek re-election in May 2019 along with the others. 

Parish Councillors are representatives of local residents. There are few restrictions to applying, although they must over 18, be residents of the parish area or live within 4.8km of the parish during the whole 12 months preceeding nomination and a registered elector in the parish (a fulll list of restrictions can be obtained from Chris Fribbins or Jane Ringham). More information about the roles and responsibilities of a Parish Council and Parish Councillors are available on this website.


The official process of the election of up to eight parish councillors from 2nd May 2019 for four years has now officially begun (26th March 2019).

Following the period for nominations, 8 nominations were received for 8 councillor positions so all are elected and no poll is required. The current councillors term ends on the 8th May and the new council starts at terms of office of the new council starts the 8th May (for a period of four years)